Window Seat with Drawers


Window Seat Drawer Bench Features You’ll Love

  • Customize-able to any length
  • Paint or stain any color of choice
  • Fits standard 24″ cushions on top
  • Beautiful mitered baseboard for a custom look
  • Easy to build frameless design for professional looking results 

Do you need a window seat or mudroom bench with drawers that is built well, but isn’t super hard to make?

For about $300 total, I built this TEN FOOT LONG window seat by myself!  

We have been using this piece for several years now, and it is one of the most used pieces in the house.  

The extra seating is always handy, for both regular family use and for larger gatherings – the dog also has claimed it as her spot, so she can watch the driveway.

I like to keep my dining table clean and clear, so we use the drawers to support that – I have a laptop drawer that I use as my office – when I work, I take the laptop out and use it on the table, then put it back in the drawer when done.  We store board games in another drawer and arts and craft supplies in another drawer.  This drawer bench keeps our dining room so neat and tidy.

WATCH! How I Built this Window Seat Drawer Bench By Myself 

Here’s the video tutorial:

Custom Size is the Key

The problem with just going out and buying a drawer bench or window seat is you won’t be able to get the exact size you need.  I needed 119″ bench, 120″ would not have fit between the beams in my house.  

This tutorial is set up so you can easily create your own custom sized bench to fit your space exactly.


How to Build this Window Seat with Drawers Bench

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