Square Outdoor Dining Table for 8 – Build It!

square outdoor dining table for 8

Why I Love this Square Outdoor Dining Table

  • Simple design, perfect with metal, wicker, fabric covered or wood outdoor chairs
  • Seats 8 comfortably
  • Beautiful wood design, adds texture and warmth to outdoor space
  • Durable cedar top
  • Easy to build
  • Heavy and substantial – won’t blow away in normal winds
  • Perfect when paired with a large umbrella


How I Built my Square Outdoor Dining Table for 8

The plans for this table are below, but I wanted to also share some photos of the build steps.

attach table aprons to legs with pocket holes

I used pocket holes to attach the aprons to the legs.  I used 4x4s for the legs and 2x4s for the aprons.

build two legs sets as shown

It’s easy to build – just build two of the leg sets –

attach leg sets together

Then make the table frame by adding the remaining aprons.

table frame complete

To support the cedar fence pickets, I added inner 2×4 supports.  This makes the table super substantial.

add supports and stain base

Here’s the umbrella framing I did.

framing to support umbrella

And then just cut out the top with a jigsaw.

cutout for umbrella

For the top, you can lay the boards on top long, and then cut them all at once, so the cut edges are a perfect line.

staining the top

This table turned out so good!  I can’t wait to see brag posts!

finished square table outdoor for 8


Square Outdoor Dining Table for 8 Plans

Here’s the plans, hope to see lots of builds from it!



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