Why it is important to choose manufacturers with values

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March 13, 2023

More and more customers and consumers are demanding modifications to certain standardised furniture models that make their final product more unique and personal.

Quality, innovation, personalisation of the product and service are some of the priorities when creating, manufacturing and designing luxury furniture, investing what is necessary to reach the maximum splendor.

At Latorre, as a family business that designs and composes each of its pieces from scratch using processes that have a minimum impact on nature, we are much more than luxury furniture manufacturers: we are socially and environmentally committed. That is why we bring you this post to tell you how we do it.

The importance of choosing manufacturers with values

The main objective of many value-adding companies is to be able to focus on the consumer experience. We live in a world with a wide commercial offer of similar products or services. Every day people are faced with the dilemma of which product to buy or which service to choose.

The new end-user values are a challenge for those companies in the furniture sector that customise their products based on individual concepts. It is about buying quality of life, sustainability, distinction and glamour, not furniture.

Why it is important to choose furniture manufacturers with values 2

Latorre’s values and commitments

At Latorre, we are a company with more than 50 years of experience that is up to date with the latest innovations. On a daily basis, we work efficiently and always strive to give our clients the best option for their luxury furniture.

Some of our values and commitments as a family business and with which, indirectly, our customers collaborate if they purchase our furniture, are:

In house manufacturing

As a luxury furniture and sofa manufacturing company, we take on the complete manufacturing process of all our pieces: from the design, through their manufacture, to their final assembly.

At Latorre, we are proud of our origins, which date back to 1959, and of our family heritage. All of this has made us true expert manufacturers and decorators of the highest standing. For this reason, we hold on to what defines us in order to consolidate our position as a benchmark in the manufacture of luxury furniture.

Local materials

In addition to their elegance, great value and quality, luxury furniture stands out from the rest because of its treatment and closeness to the materials of which these pieces are made. Each one of them has a completely different design, creation, production and manufacturing process.

At Latorre, we work with traceable wood and, if possible, of national origin, as this means less environmental impact. In turn, in our industrial plant, located in Valencia, we have installed more than 100 solar panels, in order to produce about 65% of the energy we use every day in our work processes.

Another of our strength is the selection of the best local materials, minimising their impact on the environment as much as possible. Thanks to this, we can ensure that we meet this requirement with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

Why it is important to choose furniture manufacturers with values 1

Unique pieces and personalisation

Each of our pieces contains a series of details that make it special and invaluable. That is why we strive to assume our responsibilities, save natural resources and carry out our work in a 100% sustainable way. As a family business with a long history, we also take care of our customers’ problems and analyse their real needs in order to provide effective solutions. We have a global approach, we do not neglect any detail. We know that impeccable service is the pillar on which to build the relationship with our customers.

Commitment to social causes

At Latorre, we are also very committed to various social causes. Among some of them we can highlight our collaboration with the Le Cadó Foundation, a project that collects funds to collaborate in the financing of research against breast cancer. We donate leftover fabrics that are not used to make and design a collection of bags, backpacks and Tote Bags. The proceeds from the sale of these products go to the Spanish Association Against Breast Cancer (AECC), with the aim of raising funds for research and thus help many women in our country who fight against this disease on a daily basis.

At Latorre, we are experts in designing and creating furniture with the sole aim of making you feel and making it part of our daily lives. We are committed to sophistication and personality.

Discover more on our website or, if you prefer, you can access our online catalogue with all our products.



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