Round Modern Wood Side Tables

modern end table plans

modern end table plans

modern end table plans

Why I Build These End Tables

It’s always nice to have a nearby tabletop surface to set a coffee cup on or a remote.  I’ve been loving the trend of more modern, chunky shapes, especially the extruded X shape. 

These little end tables turned out so well and cost between $15-$20 to build! I love the rustic wood tones with the modern shape.  

VIDEO: How to Build These End Tables

This is a free project plan.  Please take a second to watch the video tutorial on how to build them – there’s a few tricks that make all the difference with these end table builds.

FAQ About These End Tables

Can I build in different heights?  You could build these shorter, but taller might be too easy to topple over.  

Can I build bigger (wider, etc) – I haven’t tested yet, but I’m really hoping to get a 2×12 coffee table build done.  I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, but need to do a test before sharing plans.

Can I cut the tabletop circle with a jigsaw?  Yes, but it is super hard to keep the jigsaw blade level vertically, especially when cutiting smaller, tighter circles, the blade tends to bevel out.  So the circle saw is a cleaner option.  You can also use a tablesaw or router.


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