Under Kitchen Sink Organizer Shelf

Why I Built This

Under our kitchen sink was a serious mess.  I couldn’t find anything and the small stuff was taking up just as much space as the big stuff.

For about $10 I built this amazing, simple organizer that turned frustration into storage freedom!

The question is: Why wouldn’t you build this?  


Customize Easily For YOUR Under Sink Space

This project is designed for you to be able to customize for your sink space, and maximize the storage underneath your sink.

  • If your space allows, the bottom should be left open to allow for pass through storage underneath.
  • Measure your items that need storing and adjust the shelf height so you can fit your items on/under the shelf
  • The shelf depth can be adjusted for a deeper shelf if your plumbing allows

under sink organizer

Build with 1 – 1×8 board, 6 feet long

This is a easy to customize project, but if you are looking for quick with minimal tools, here’s the most basic version that you can build:

under sink organizer diy plans


Video Showing How to Build this Under Sink Organizer

In this very quick build video, watch how I build this under sink organizer.

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