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September 19, 2022

A well conceived, thought out and correctly designed idea is capable of moving mountains. Behind every good idea there is always a thinking mind that creates, designs and manufactures a product until it becomes a reality. Undoubtedly, furniture designers compose elegant, well-thought-out and well-designed products that reflect our attitude.

At Latorre, the designers we work with are like our family: they leave part of their essence in our firm and, for this reason, we want you to meet the furniture designers with whom we have created our collections.

Furniture designers

To create a unique piece of furniture in harmony are furniture designers, those professionals who design and create different types of furniture and who are sometimes supported by other brands. Each of their pieces has a different purpose, but should always be functional as well as practical, while still being attractive to the eye of the customer.

Design is, for many design professionals, a fundamental part of their lives. Without it, many homes, spaces or places would not be as attractive and distinguishable. Designers are in charge of composing new lines of high-end, high design products, which they create themselves or are also guided by the indications of their clients.

10 furniture designers who made their mark at Latorre

Unique, elegant and different. These are some of the TOP furniture designers who collaborate with Latorre, a family company that composes and manufactures each of its pieces from scratch using processes that have a minimum impact on nature.

Below, we tell you about each of them:

Ximo Roca

A creative professional with many years of experience. This is how we could describe Ximo Roca, a senior technician in Industrial Design who, for several years, has worked as a professional coordinating the design department of renowned companies.

He is also a member of The Bureau of European Associations, the Association of Professional Designers and a lecturer at the School of Design at Cardenal Herrera CEU University. Some of his works have been published in renowned national and international design magazines and books.

He has been nominated several times for the National Design Award. In 1989 he founded the Ximo Roca Diseño studio, where he manages product, graphic, multimedia, architecture and interior design. In collaboration with Latorre, Ximo Roca has creates some of the most iconic luxury furniture, such as:

  1. Oboe sofa. A unique piece composed of a structure made of beech and pine. The Oboe sofa is covered with fabrics or leathers from the Latorre collection. In addition, the piece of furniture stands on steel feet with various finish options.

TOP furniture designers we collaborate with 1

  1. Squadra sofa. The Squadra model has a structure made of pine and beech wood. This product is also upholstered with high density foam and HR padding. It is the perfect sofa to add a touch of sophistication to any luxurious room.

TOP furniture designers we collaborate with 2

Paco Camús

Artist, graphic artist, poet, cooker, interior designer, illustrator and designer of all kinds of things. Paco Camús has always sought that “intangible magic” that emanates from certain shapes and volumes.

Some of his most iconic designs can be found in the most exclusive shops around the world. He has been asked to judge design competitions and has also given several lectures explaining the particularities of his designs.

  1. Babylon Berlin sofa. The Babylon Berlin sofa is an iconic piece made from beech and pine wood that forms part of the structure. In addition, this piece is upholstered with high-density HR foam rubber padding.

TOP furniture designers we collaborate with 5

  1. Potemkin coffee table. With an MDF and beech wood structure, the Potemkin table is also available in any colour and laser lacquered. Paco Camús made these pieces, which can be made in special sizes after a study by Latorre.

TOP furniture designers we collaborate with 6

Guillermo Torrent

Guillermo Torrent is the Art Director of Latorre, a family business founded in 1959 by his parents. He is also responsible for all areas related to product aesthetics, fabrics, textures and finishes in which the company’s Design Department works.

In 2013, he joined the Association of Designers of the Valencian Community (ADCV) as a designer, a deserved recognition due to a long professional career as a creative in the world of luxury furniture design. Some of his most outstanding creations are:

  1. Charles sofa. A characteristic Latorre sofa with a structure made from beech and pine wood. The Charles sofa is also upholstered with high density HR foam padding, rubber straps and springs.

TOP furniture designers we collaborate with 3

  1. Diva Chaise Longue. Covered with fabrics or leathers from our collection, the Diva Chaise Longue also has a structure made of beech and pine wood.

TOP furniture designers we collaborate with 4

Sergio Pérez and Anna Roy

This artist and designer has been working since 1999 as a freelance for Spanish, Turkish, Italian and Chinese companies in the habitat sector. He has also participated as an international expert in the furniture sector for international projects.

His continuous improvement has led Sergio Pérez to use the best technology for the development of new products and to observe numerous international trade fairs.

Anna Roy has been working since 2001 as a freelance in the habitat sector and has acquired a great deal of experience through her personal projects and collaborations with other furniture designers. Her work includes the model for Pau by Latorre, a high-end sofa concept within the latest trend, but enduring over time, which she designed and made together with Sergio Pérez:

  1. Dress sofa. An upholstered piece with high density HR foam padding, rubber straps and springs. The Dress sofa is covered with fabrics from our collection. Optionally, it is possible to design a model with special measurements after a study by the Design, Quality and Production department.

TOP furniture designers we collaborate with 9

Cristina Gorzanelli

Cristina Gorzanelli has a degree in Design and a PhD in ‘Design for the valuation of the Territorial System’. She was also the winner of the Winners competition held in 2015 by Latorre together with the CEU San Pablo University, in which se presented the following project:

  1. Flofà armchair. This armchair is composed of a wooden structure in beech and pine, the Flofà armchair is perfect, as it is upholstered with high density HR foam rubber padding, rubber straps and springs.

TOP furniture designers we collaborate with 10

Waldo Escrivà

A professional designer and interior designer, Waldo Escrivà is a professional with good taste and creativity who managed to launch his own firm, Escrivà Studio (founded in 1984), which is a benchmark for avant-garde interior design in Seville and Spain. Today, he continues to contribute ideas to every project, as is the case with the products he has designed for Latorre:

  1. Marriott table. A piece with a structure in MDF and beech wood, the Marriott table can be made to special measurements following a study by Latorre’s Design, Quality and Production department. It also has feet made of natural oak.

TOP furniture designers we collaborate with 11

  1. Millenium side table. This luxury piece is designed with lacquered MDF wood and chromed steel in various finishes. The Millenium side table has perfect measurements (86 x 43 x 59 centimeters) to include this product in the living room of a house or hotel, among others.

TOP furniture designers we collaborate with 12

Lavernia & Cienfuegos

This is a design studio located in Valencia. Lavernia & Cienfuegos focuses its activity on both industrial and graphic design projects. Their work has been recognised with national and international awards.

María José Jimeno

María José Jimeno is a product designer who collaborates regularly with Latorre’s projects. She graduated in Fashion Design and began her professional career in the world of aesthetics in fashion and advertising. As an interior designer, she has worked with homes, conceptual spaces, leisure and contract spaces, participating in all editions of Casa Decor Valencia. Among his luxury pieces, he stands our above all:

  1. Goldeneye table. A dining table with a MDF wood structure and finished in various colours. The Goldeneye table allows a design with various sizes, perfect depending on the space we have. At the same time, this table is perfect for a spacious dining room with lots of natural light.

TOP furniture designers we collaborate with 7

Antonio Saturnino

The designer Antonio Saturnino creates products that lead the culture of sustainable design and that satisfy human needs in terms of luxury furniture, lighting, complements and accessories, making it possible to create environments and atmospheres that attract, motivate and inspire people to feel better in their daily lives.

Carlos Mayoral

Carlos Mayoral studied Industrial Design Engineering at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University. After finishing his studies, Mayoral has developed his work creating plans for terraces, he has also designed pieces and catalogues for other companies.

  1. Low Nightingale chair. Created and designed by Carlos Mayoral, it has structure made from beech and pine wood. An upholstered piece with high-density HR foam padding, rubber straps and springs. The Low Nightingale chair is a handcrafted piece made in Spain, with top quality materials to offer comfort and convenience.

TOP furniture designers we collaborate with 8
Each of the luxury furniture pieces manufactured at Latorre are handcrafted pieces created in Spain, with high quality materials and always under the watchful eye of professional craftsmen. Therefore, our main objective is to give shape to the aspirations and ideas of our clients in the best possible way, giving creativity and exclusivity a leading role.

If you want to know more about our furniture and its designers, do not miss our product catalogue! Discover all our luxury furniture whenever and wherever you want.



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