Tips To Help You Purchase Wood Furniture


If you want to purchase wooden furniture for your home or office, you can benefit from this buying guide. You need to consider a lot of details before placing your order. First of all, you need to decide on the type of wood. You can choose from tons of types of food. Although they are not much different when it comes to durability and strength, they have a lot of design defences. Some of them are light in colour while others are smooth. Some types of wood are dark while others are rough to touch. So, you may want to consider these things before making this purchase. Let’s talk about other things.


As far as weight is concerned, ash is your lightest option. This type of wood is smooth and flexible. Apart from this, it is used for furniture articles that require curved pieces, such as office chairs.


Maple is another type of lightweight wood. It is quite popular for its durability. Apart from this, it can withstand moisture and does not break that easily. Therefore, you can find this type of wood in a range of colours.


Rubberwood is another great choice if you are in need of light hardwood. As a matter of fact, experts recommend this wood type if you want to make cabinets, office desks and similar items. However, you need to get it sealed and stained properly, if you want to use it on a daily basis.


Since oak has a heavy-duty nature, it is another popular choice on the list. Again, it is available in different types and shades, such as white oak, red oak, grey shade or light brown shade.


Walnut is your ideal choice if you prefer slightly dark hardwood. You can find it in a lot of shades. The most popular one is the chocolate shade. It is durable but not too heavy.


Mahogany is another type of dark wood. You may find it in a medium brown or reddish-brown colour. If you are looking for furniture with a lot of ornate details, we suggest that you go for mahogany. The reason is that it is an ideal choice for staining and carving.


If you want to make your home elegant, you may opt for acacia wood. The beauty of this choice is that it can withstand water damage and scratches. Therefore, it can be good for years to come.

After you have decided on the type of wood, your next move is to consider some other factors. Some of them are discussed below.

Consider the Style of your home

As far as the style of your home is concerned, you need to consider the theme and colour of your home. For example, if the existing furniture is dark or light, you should go for a type of wood that can complement it.

Similarly, you should find out if the style of your home is modern or traditional. Generally, traditional furniture is made of heavy wood and contains a lot of ornate details. By contrast, modern furniture is simple and lightweight. You may also want to consider your personal preferences.

Long story short, you should consider these factors if you are going to purchase wooden furniture for the first time.


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