Office Furniture Rental: Furniture Solutions For Seasonal Needs


Office furniture rental is an excellent opportunity to make your office operating costs more efficient. Despite that, the concept is not often given the due it so frequently deserves. That’s because it’s a common idea that, regardless of field, buying, as opposed to renting, is always a smart move.

While there are plenty of circumstances where it makes more sense to buy than to rent, there are a host of reasons to opt for furniture rental over buying furnishings for an entire office.

For one thing, buying furniture might be cheaper, given a long enough time frame, than furniture rental, but this overlooks a few complicating factors. First, buying furniture limits your ability to act based on seasonal need. If you are in charge of providing furniture for an office that has a defined yearly sales cycle, it can be a surprisingly inefficient to store furniture in space on-site when it’s not being used. Office furniture rental can mitigate that problem, since you can simply order what’s needed, when it’s needed, and return it when your rush ends.

Storage and wasted efficiency aren’t the only costs associated with buying furniture. The maintenance,management, and repair of furniture is a process that occurs throughout the year, even when that furniture isn’t being used. When that adds all up, that can be a severe drain on resources, and a pretty powerful argument against buying.

There are plenty of organizations for which such a seasonal approach might be beneficial. Some fields this might be particularly useful for include the hospitality and special events industries, which are often responsible for organizing and/or holding large meetings during conference season, but then slow down considerably. Institutions of higher learning such as colleges could also benefit from renting,as their enrollment figures often shrink and swell according to the calendar.

No matter what your reason for renting, consider CORT when you choose your solution. We have extensive experience providing the best home and office furniture rental services available.


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