Studio Apartment Design Ideas


Planning to use a studio apartment as your home? If yes, then you would be wondering how to fit different aspects of a home under one roof and yet make it look organized. A studio room is perfect if you are the only person living in the place. Because the area is very small, you have to buy stuff that do not occupy much space but are functional and efficient at the same time. Buying multi-purpose materials would be ideal for a studio apartment.

Go through different home maintenance stores to get an idea. Look through different magazines and decipher out what you exactly want in your little apartment. Buy stuff, which are absolutely necessary.

Make sure the entrance has a coat rack. This will allow visitors to hang their coats, hats, etc. before actually stepping inside your “living room”. Also, put a shoe rack near the door on one side of the wall.

Next, buy a compact sofa and place it in your living room. You can also buy beanbags. They look great, are very comfortable to sit on and can be perfect space savers. Do not buy too many furniture. Remember you need ample amount of floor space to walk around as well. So, do not clutter everything up.

Place a mini fridge in one corner. Buy a small round or square table and place it on the other side. You can also buy a couple of chairs, which you can use for multi purposes.

Place a couple of cupboards with a mirror in between, this could be your dressing room. Place adequate lighting systems. This will make the place look bigger and brighter. Add a dash of color here and there. Your studio apartment is ready.


Source by Kum Martin

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