Fireplace Screens Are Multi-Purpose


The primary reason for choosing a fireplace screen is safety, especially for children and pets. Other safety factors include the installation of carbon monoxide detectors and keeping anything flammable away from the fireplace opening. In addition to the practical elements of fireplace screens, they can also add interest and depth to any décor.

So many homes have fireplaces today, where families gather around and spend time together. Rooms with fireplaces are great for entertaining, providing an inviting and comfortable ambience for guests. A fireplace serves as the major focal point of a room, so it’s important to surround it with interesting and decorative accessories that bring a warm and cozy atmosphere. A decorative fireplace screen can do just that. Other accessories may include a mirror or painting over the mantle, candles or candelabras, and plants or silk flower arrangements.

Fireplace screens are stylish additions to the fireplace that add aesthetic value while providing safety. They come in a variety of designs, from simple single panels to ornamental tri-panels. The design you choose should match the décor of your living space, as well as provide you with the “feel” you’re looking for. Fireplace screens make a statement, which carries on throughout the year, not just during the cold winters, so choose one that fits your personality. Decorative or scenic firescreens can provide a unique view through which to watch your dancing flames, and firescreen accessories, like an Easter Bunny, can bring a little frivolity to your living space and can be changed out with the seasons or your moods during the year.

Traditional fireplace screens come with a multi paneled frame made of wrought iron. They look great, but they tend to rust and, with age, the screen can separate from the frame, especially at the corners. Look for firescreens that are laser cut, crafted in 11 gauge carbon steel and powder coated with a high-temperature paint (to prevent rust). These screens should be supported by a backing frame, as well as a surrounding frame, to prevent separation of the screen and frame.

Another thing to consider when choosing your fireplace screen is the dimensions of your fireplace opening. Make sure the screen will cover the firebox to ensure safety. Although open flames are beautiful to look at, they can sometimes be dangerous, especially for young children. Did you know that the Chimney Institute of America rated fireplace screens as one of the top 10 safety measures one can take to prevent a house fire? So make sure the one you purchase is a good defense for keeping children and pets away from flying embers and rolling logs. And make sure that it fits your unique personality and style.


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