Minimalist Modern Tall Dresser

Why I Built This Dresser

A few weeks back, I built my youngest daughter this dresser:

You wouldn’t think a five year old would be excited about a piece of furniture, but this little girl is.  Every visitor must come see her new dresser that mommy built her.  

My older daughter loved the dresser too, and put in a request for a taller version.  So I built this dresser.

Why Didn’t I Just Buy A Dresser?

It’s an option, and no judgement if you do, but for me, it just makes sense to build my own dresser.

  • Save money – the inspiration dresser cost $1200 – before tax, shipping.  I was able to use up the scrap plywood from the first dresser and spend about $100 building this dresser.  That’s quite a savings – especially when you consider two dressers built.
  • Good for the Earth – I use wood that is harvested about 50 miles from my home for the 1x materials.  This is much more earth friendly than shipping a dresser around the globe.
  • Rewarding – It’s not just a dresser, it’s a project and it’s very rewarding to put my time into building something for my family.
  • Good Exercise – Building is a great way to keep moving and be productive – without having to go to a gym!

Matching Plans In This Collection

I have been loving this style furniture and am adding more and more plans to this collection.  Here’s what I have so far:

  • Minimalist Modern Bed (all mattress sizes)
  • Minimalist Modern Nightstand (two different sizes)
  • Minimalist Modern Standard 6 Drawer Dresser

Watch!  Similar Dresser Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I build the standard sized dresser.  Both dressers are built using very similar techniques and steps (the tall dresser is actually simpler) so this video should be very helpful in understanding how I built it.

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