Built in Mudroom Bench with Open Bottom – Build in Any Size

If you have a spot to put a custom, built in mudroom bench, why not do it cabinetry style?  So it’s built-in, so its stuck to the wall; so there’s no hard to reach spots to vacuum around, so its a permanent fixture in the house?

I’ve been using my mudroom bench for a few years, and I love that it’s easy to clean underneath since you are just cleaning the floor, no wet or muddy boots on shelves, you can easily slide (or kick) shoes underneath, there’s maximum height and storage under the bench for taller boots or crates, and the bench top serves as a handy storage area when you need it to.

How Much Did this Bench Cost to Build?

For about $130 in lumber we were able to build this almost 14 foot long mudroom bench in an afternoon!

Watch!  How I Built this 14 Foot Long Mudroom Bench

Here’s the video showing the steps:

Matching Mudroom Locker Plans Also Available

This bench is amazing and you could just put hooks over it.  But if you want the full mudroom cabinetry system, I also put together free tutorial for the lockers.


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