Luxury hospitality furniture: keys to choose it

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March 17, 2022

The hospitality sector is a very important business, and each element that makes up its structure is unique and irreplaceable. By carefully and elegantly decorating the space, together with luxury hospitality furniture that attracts customers, we can distinguish our space from the competition and thus define our own style.

When we go to a restaurant or hospitality establishment, we want our first impression to be one of comfort, luxury and satisfaction. Furthermore, if an establishment has good quality, well-kept tables, luxury chairs, stools or luxury sofas, it will always give us a first impression that we are in a pleasant space where even the smallest detail is important.

In this post by Latorre, expert manufacturers of luxury furniture, we give you the fundamental keys to know how to choose the right luxury hotel furniture and catering furniture. Keep reading to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Luxury furniture for the hospitality industry

When we think of a restaurant, pub or catering establishment, we may think that it is more important to invest time and money in catering equipment, rather than giving importance to the decoration or furniture for the restaurant. However, in the same way that we can treat the appliances or utensils in a kitchen, the image we give to the outside of our business is as important as the quality of the product or the attention we offer to our customers.

Both the catering furniture and the accessories we choose for our business are essential pieces. These will help us to personalize our space, transmitting quality, distinction and glamour to our clients. For this reason, it is also important to define the style we are going to show to our public, the tables or chairs we are going to need and the space to be designed.

6 keys to choosing luxury furniture for the hospitality industry

Luxury armchairs, tables, luxury stools, modular sofas, Chaise Longue, stools… All these pieces of furniture are perfect for decorating a hospitality establishment, always with the aim of offering an unforgettable experience to our customers.

Here, at Latorre, we give you some of the most interesting keys to choosing the right luxury furniture for the hotel and catering industry:

Define your style

One of the most important keys. When we have to choose for the first time the luxury pieces that are going to form part of our establishment, the first thing we must take into account is to define the style we are going to want: a Nordic style, with natural wood furniture and light tones; a minimalist atmosphere, with simple, everyday pieces or elements; os a classic style, with a discreet decoration, with elegant pieces and attention to the smallest detail, for example. If we want to retain our customers and also attract new ones, one of the keys is for them to be able to identify our establishment with its own style and character.

Materials and cleanliness matter

Restaurant and hospitality furniture must be able to withstand heavy use and, at times, a bit of neglect. This is why luxury furniture must withstand the constant passage of customers, but without losing sight of its functionality and aesthetic character.

Moreover, these designer pieces cannot be cleaned in any way, but we must be very careful with them so as not to damage the furniture, as this type of luxury catering equipment is always exposed to any type of accident.

Choose comfortable luxury furniture for the hospitality industry

It is essential to opt for attractive chairs, with sinuous shapes that attract the attention of our customers. However, it is not only the design of the furniture that is important, but also whether it is really comfortable and convenient. Although it is true that modern designs attract the customer’s attention, when someone tries our furniture, if they find it uncomfortable, they will not come back to our establishment.

Play with upholstery

The upholstery of the chairs does not always have to be the same on all of them. What’s more, you can play with different designs and textures to attract attention. At Latorre we design our luxury furniture with upholstery filled with high density HR foam rubber, rubber straps and springs, always taking care of the quality of the fabric.

Correctly chosen upholstery can help us to create an ostentatious ambience and convey a sense of elegance to our customers through the feel of the furniture.

Spare no expense

In addition to the fact that restaurant furniture must be eye-catching, but also resistant, the decoration of an establishment must have quality pieces. For this reason, it is better to allocate more of our budget to restaurant furniture, as it will last longer and we will make better use of its useful life.

Buy what you will use

When we have to set up a space with luxury furniture, it is not about accumulating and filling the space by overloading it. It is important to bear in mind that it is best to buy the necessary chairs, tables or sofas to start with. And that, as time goes by, more pieces and decorative touches will be added over time.

The imagination, good taste, simplicity and elegance that you are looking for in your establishment should also be reflected in the luxury hotel and catering furniture. For this reason, at Latorre, as a luxury furniture brand based in Valencia, we give you the possibility of accessing our luxury furniture catalogue, where you can find designer pieces to decorate your establishment. Discover also our ideas for a luxurious dining room and the advantages of in house manufacturing.

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