Luxury custom-made furniture: how to personalize it

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April 13, 2022

A reference for customers looking to create a different, special atmosphere that stands out from the rest, as well as being unique and totally personalized pieces for their homes. Modern, luxury custom-made furniture has become a must in the most sumptuous rooms.

When we opt for more personal, handmade products and sometimes, handcrafted pieces, we are tipping the balance and creating spaces with a renewed and tailor-made atmosphere.

Nowadays, many homes have very similar furniture: sofas with very similar upholstery, walls in the same colour, armchairs in similar shades, etc. Breaking with the established is in fashion, as more and more companies are opting for personalized and customised luxury furniture. This is our case.

From Latorre, experts in creating and designing furniture pieces for luxury dining rooms or luxury living rooms, always extracting the essence of the classic, we tell you how you can order your bespoke luxury furniture and customize it with our fabrics, sizes and finishes. Read on so you do not miss a thing.

Personalize a piece of luxury furniture

Understanding the customer, providing a personal touch and offering the perfect made-to-measure piece of furniture. Exclusivity and glamour predominate in every piece of luxury custom made furniture that is designed, manufactured and personalized.

Each piece that the professional craftsmen, highly qualified in interior custom design furniture and decoration, make to measure in a workshop, is a specific piece of work in which the smallest detail is taken care of. In it, the workers put all their efforts and focus their objectives on satisfying the needs that the client has requested. As professionals in the sector, we must bear in mind that the end user has an idea in his head, that in order to carry it out he has decided to bet on our work and that we must give shape to that idea and make it a reality. Undoubtedly, a job only suitable for professional designers.

Ideas for customising luxury furniture

Within the luxury furniture sector, the process of customisation of high-end furniture is becoming more and more visible and reflected. But, do we really know what is furniture customisation?

We understand customisation as a renovation or personalisation of the design of a piece of furniture according to personal preferences. Moreover, thanks to the customisation of luxury furniture, we are giving a prolonged use to these pieces, as well as a totally personalized appearance.

Before starting and deciding to personalize a piece of furniture, we must first have some clear ideas:

Know how much space we have

Before choosing the type of luxury custom made furniture we want to acquire for a room, the first thing we must know is the space we are going to have to place the sofa, armchair, bed, etc. Do we have enough space to incorporate a large piece, or should we ask for very specific measurements, as we do not have enough space?

Choose the textures and colours

Before choosing the type of luxury furniture we want to acquire for a room, the first thing we must know is the space we are going to have to place luxury sofas, the luxury armchair or the luxury bed. Do we have enough space to incorporate a piece of large dimensions, or should we ask for very specific measurements, since we do not have enough space?

Create exclusive, unique and glamorous pieces

We must bear in mind that the piece of furniture we custom design furniture will be unique and exclusive, as there will be no other like it. Therefore, at Latorre we advise you to choose correctly and carefully all the finishes and features to create an exceptional piece.

Latorre, personalized luxury furniture

At Latorre we want to help you create a completely personal home in accordance with your style, budget and way of life. That is why, below, we show you some of our most characteristic products of high decoration furniture:

Chukka sofa

This luxury piece designed by Rolf Zimmermann is perfect if we want to incorporate a sofa with various sizes in a room in our home. The Chukka sofa has a structure made of beech and pine wood. It also has a sofa upholstery filled with high density HR foam rubber, rubber straps and springs. This type of high-end sofas are perfect for any room.

Custom-made luxury furniture- how to personalize it 1

Mayfair armchair

Our designer Guillermo Torrent creates this piece with unique and exclusive finishes. The Mayfair armchair is covered with fabrics or leathers from the Latorre collection. Optionally, it can be designed with our clients’ materials, as well as with special measurements after a study by Latorre’s design department, for example, if it is furniture for hotels.
Custom-made luxury furniture- how to personalize it 2

Low Angie chair

Also designed by Guillermo Torrent, the Low Angie chair is upholstered with high-density HR foam padding, rubber straps and springs. In addition to having a structure made from beech and pine wood, this piece is available in different shades, finishes and textures.

Custom-made luxury furniture- how to personalize it 3
Now that you know how to personalize luxury furniture, at Latorre, as a luxury furniture brand from Valencia, we give you the possibility of choosing pieces with which you can modify the size, choose the fabric and the colour of the lacquer in the highest quality luxury furniture. In our design department we will study your modifications and make an estimate adapted to your needs so that your dreams come true. We have in house manufacturing so we take care of all the process of your furniture.

If you want to know more about our luxury and sustainable furniture and get more information, dive into our luxury furniture catalogue.

Find out more in our blog, where we talk about everything you need to know about furniture, such as the kinds of wood most commonly used.



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