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Amateur or Pro

Furniture making can be a pleasure with the right set of wood furniture plans. Any amateur as well as professional is perfectly capable of turning out a great piece of furniture wit a detailed and comprehensive set of prints. There are a number of great wood furniture plans that are available online.

Plans, Plans, Where Are The Plans

Have you ever found yourself with the urge to build a piece of furniture? Whether it be a rocking chair, a certain remodel project in the kitchen or even revamping your child’s bedroom, only to not have a clue as to exactly what to build or how to get started. By the time you hunt down a drawing online, you’ve lost the desire and the moment.

Decision Time

Once you have made a conscientious decision and you are ready to build, your next job is to find the specific wood furniture plans to match your project and skills.

Wood furniture plans save time, money and frustration. When one is out looking for a self instructing wood furniture plan one must bear in mind that it needs to be tested and complete. Why would you want to waste your time over instructions and diagrams that are not clear, concise, or even complete for that matter? That will get you nowhere quick. Checking online will probably be your first option.

Wood Furniture Plans – Some Winners and Mostly Losers

Let me tell you of my experience online searching for wood furniture plans. I remember that one day, I decided that I wanted to build a lamp table, or an end table as known to some. I began my search in the big G search engine. Have you ever searched for woodworking plans online?

Let me tell you, there are hundreds of thousands of listings online and it felt like I looked at every one of them. I did finally find a great resource, but I sure looked at a lot of losers in the process.

Just when I thought I had found a winning free drawing, I would go to all of the trouble to download it, only to find that either there was no photo or image of the project. It would be nice to know what I was going to build…LOL. Or, I would find that the actual instructions were incomplete, or I would find that the material list was non-existent. How am I supposed to build a project without a material list.

Laugh or Cry – That Is The Question

My frustrations would have been laughable if not for the feeling of total frustration. That’s when I decided that enough was enough. I was never going to go through this again. I had heard about a website that had thousands of wood furniture plans available, all easily searchable and easily downloadable. Someone had told me about it, I couldn’t remember who, and I couldn’t remember the website address.

Success – Finally!

All I could remember at the time was “thousands of plans”. Anyway, I began my search in earnest, after all, I was searching for the cure to my furniture plan frustrations, I was never going to be in need of wood furniture plans again. I finally did find the site I was looking for after 3 more hours of searching. Turns out that I was wrong, it wasn’t a mere thousands of plans like I thought, it was actually 14,000 woodworking plans.

Thousands Of Wood Furniture Plans At My Fingertips

It was unbelievable, now whenever I need wood furniture plans or a project drawing, all I have to do is to login to this site, search for a plan for what I want to build, download, print, and I’m on my way to my wood shop to work on my next project instead of searching all over the Internet for something that might work…


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