Why Use a Sofa Cum Bed in the Living Room?


If you are searching for sofa types that can blend with your living room decor, why don’t you consider a sofa cum bed for it? Now if you think that it is “not so happening,” you must give it second thought because with its demand rising in the market, manufacturers are coming up with different innovative styles of living room sofa beds. Apart from the wide scope of varieties, there are many other reasons for buying it. Lets analyze them all.

Dual Purpose Sofa- This is the obvious reason for buying a sofa bed, especially for people with smaller apartments. You can use it as a seating arrangement in daytime and as a bed at night. But wait, there is something more to it! The new designs do not just act as a single bed when unfolded but as double and even a bunk bed! Isn’t that a more interesting reason to use a sofa cum bed?

Storage Solution- Now you can get storage not only in conventional sofa sets but in sofa beds too. Most of them have a good amount of storage space within them. Some of them have storage space beneath the sofa and some others have at the back portion.

Style Decorating- With new models of these sofa beds you can get an entirely different look for your living room. You can use futons, day bed or a convertible sofa- all different types of living room sofa that will give an altogether new style to your room. You can find latest sofa cum beds with lights fixed on it or in circular shape- all of them with full comfort of a bed!

Space Saver- As you don’t have to use a separate sofa and a bed, you save a good amount of space that you can use to decorate your living room with other furniture pieces or decorative items.


Source by Deepa Roy

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