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July 18, 2022

Many people incorporate small gestures in their daily lives that contribute to caring for the planet: using cloth shopping bags, walking to work, turning off lights that are not needed or even buying sustainable furniture.

Acquiring sustainable furniture for our home is becoming a habit for many families who are looking to design a comfortable and luxurious space, but who also want their home to have products that do not harm the ecosystem.

When we buy a piece of furniture manufactured under the concept of sustainability, we not only ensure that it is made from natural materials, but also that it has been decorated and manufactured with paints or varnishes that do not harm the health of those around us.

Sustainable furniture is becoming more and more important in interior design projects. The reasons affect the planet, and we at Latorre tell you what they are.

What is sustainable furniture?

A piece of furniture is sustainable or ecological when it is “manufactured with natural materials and without chemical treatments, which makes it a product that does not harm the environment, the health of those who buy it or those who manufacture it”.

When we talk about sustainable furniture, this refers to the purchase of objects, products and materials that follow certain principles of economic, social and ecological sustainability. Nowadays, many companies focus their efforts on manufacturing their furniture in a sustainable and ecological way, without losing sight of the design and elegance that characterises them.

What does a piece of furniture have to comply with to be sustainable

As consumers, the best way to be sure that a piece of furniture is sustainable is to ask the manufacturer or the craftsman who produces it. However, if we cannot be 100% sure, the best thing to do is to gather as much information as possible about the production cycle of the furniture ourselves.

In order for a piece of furniture to be considered sustainable, it is important that it meets one of the following requirements:

Local and recyclable material

When we say that a material is sustainable and local, we refer to a product that comes from renewable, abundant and local sources. In addition, it consumes little energy and is non-polluting during the product’s life cycle.

At the same time, sustainable furniture also has a percentage of recycled and recyclable materials that are resistant to the passage of time. At Latorre, as manufacturers of wooden furniture, we work and advance on a daily basis to select the best local materials, minimising their environmental impact.

Material certifications

Another indicator of whether a product is made from sustainably produced materials is its certifications.

There are many types of certification depending on the type of wood used, fabrics, plastics or other materials. For example, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certifications, in the case of wood. Or the seals that refer to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, those that certify that the production is sustainable, as is the case of ISO 14062 or ISO 14001. Both aim to support the implementation of environmental plans in companies.

Sustainable production and packaging

Sustainable packaging and manufacturing processes are two priorities in the world of sustainable furniture. More and more customers are asking industry professionals of environmentally friendly packaging, opting to replace plastics with less harmful solutions.

In turn, from our facilities in Valencia, we use more than a hundred solar panels that produce between 60% and 65% of the energy used every day in the work processes. In this way, we avoid the emission of more than 16,0000 kilograms of CO2 per year.

Furniture life cycle

We understand the life cycle of a product to be the process an item goes through, from the moment it is designed until it is launched on the market. As a luxury furniture manufacturing company, our aim is to offer the market products and pieces with a long-lasting life cycle. In addition, the by-products generated during the manufacture of our furniture are converted into chipboard and multi-ply.

In this way, we will ensure that the handcrafted furniture correctly performs the function for which it was created, with minimum maintenance of the product and in order to minimise its environmental impact. In turn, when its useful life is exhausted, it is recycled into a fuel such as pellets, a granulated biomass fuel elongated from wood, so that the impact of our furniture on the ecosystem is minimal.

How to make sustainable furniture choices

Who said that care for the environment is at odds with luxury and quality? Many professionals and designers of luxury furniture manufacture and create pieces with a high value, either for their finishes, quality, elegance and distinction; but without ceasing to be respectful with the environment and always taking care of the ecosystem.

At Latorre, we are experts in selecting the best local materials while minimising environmental impact, without losing sight of luxury, design and authenticity:

Oboe armchair

With a structure made of beech and chromed steel, the Oboe armchair, designed by Ximo Roca, has chromed steel feet in various finishes. This piece is a clear example of sustainable furniture, as it can incorporate fabrics from our collection.

Why it is increasingly important to choose sustainable furniture for your interior design projects 1

Dante sofa

With a structure made of beech and pine wood, the Dante sofa is designed by Guillermo Torrent. This unique piece, upholstered with high density HR foam padding, rubber straps and springs, is perfect for creating a sustainable design space.

Why it is increasingly important to choose sustainable furniture for your interior design projects 2

Dolomita coffee table

Undoubtedly a piece with a polished steel structure in various finishes, perfect for any home. Made of white Italian marble, the Dolomita coffee table is a clear example of design, quality, sustainability and high standing.

Why it is increasingly important to choose sustainable furniture for your interior design projects 3
At Latorre we are committed to making our pieces sustainable while at the same time comfortable, high quality and functional, without neglecting elegance and emotional design.

If you want to know more about our products and sustainable furniture, do not hesitate to download our online book.

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