Welly Boot Rack

welly boot rack


Here’s How We Built this Welly Boot Rack

First, cut the boards using a compound miter saw or circular saw, following the cut list.

welly boot rack - cut all the boards

Cut the longest cuts first, to maximize material use.

welly boot rack mark location of holes to drill  welly boot rack drill holes

Then, mark location of holes to drill on the longer 2×3 boards.  Drill a pilot hole all the way through at the marks.

welly boot rack drilling holes

Then, using a 7/8″ spade bit, drill halfway through the same pilot hole.  TIP: Tape the drill bit to guide the depth of hole you are drilling.

welly boot rack glue

Apply glue to bottom of the dowels.

welly boot rack screw dowels in place

Place dowels in the holes and screw from bottom through the predrilled pilot hole to secure.

welly boot rack

Attach the two rows of dowels to the bottom 2x3s with screws.

This welly boot rack really is that simple to build!  It makes a great gift or for sale item too!  Here’s the free plans with diagrams and cut list


Welly Boot Rack Plans




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