Ways to Revamp Old Living Room Furniture


Whether you are trying to decorate your brand new place or looking to redecorate the home that you have been living in forever, revamping your living space can get pretty expensive. Brand new furniture can cost thousands of dollars, and choosing the right pieces to invest in can be a headache. Why not use the pieces you already have?

There are countless DIY methods that you can use to revamp your current living room furniture that will allow you to get the design aesthetic you want without shelling out tons of cash. These suggestions will work great on outdated furniture that you’ve had for years, as well as thrift store finds that can help you save on the general costs of moving. Keep reading for some easy suggestions on how to work with what you’ve got.

– Use old pieces in new ways. For example, thrift stores are full of really old TV stands on wheels. You can easily purchase one of these for a low price, paint it, and turn it into a gorgeous bar cart. This is not only great for entertaining, but it will serve as an unexpected piece of living room furniture that will add an air of sophistication to your space.

– Create a coffee table-ottoman hybrid. An upholstered coffee table is not only easy to make, it can also serve as a colorful ottoman. More importantly, upholstering an ugly coffee table can make your cheap thrift store find look beautifully brand new. All you need is a fresh coat of paint and some colorful cushions.

– Revive your side chairs! This is quite simple. Ugly side chairs can be purchased for low prices and completely transformed with just some paint and a bit of reupholstering. Check online for tips on how to reupholster, but know that it’s really just a bit of measuring and a commitment to stapling.

– Use wallpaper! Wallpaper is definitely in the middle of a major resurgence, and it can be used in unexpected places to add a fun pattern or pop of color to your space. Cover an old coffee or side table, and watch how your room is transformed!

– Prettify your bookshelves. Bookshelves can sometimes make for bulky living room furniture, but with a couple tweaks, they can actually add some fun to your space. Apply a layer of wallpaper or wrapping paper to the backs of each shelf, allowing the fun color to peek in through the books. With a fresh coat of paint on the outside, your old bookcase could be the new colorful and modern highlight of the room.

– Make a faux marble tabletop. Real marble will set you back quite a bit, but marbled contact paper can give you the same look while costing much less! Use this on smaller tabletops, like side tables. You could also cover it in a layer of glass or clear plastic if you wish to.

Before you head out to the furniture store, make sure that you are not overlooking some awesome methods to rework your current pieces. Your wallet will definitely thank you!


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