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July 27, 2022

“Brocades with soul and craftsmanship with heart”. Undoubtedly, this is the Latorre’s premise of solidarity and Gratia Plena, handmade seamstresses, which seeks to raise funds for Breast Cancer research with the Le Cadó Foundation, a national non-scientific and specific foundation against Breast Cancer, was established in November 2010.

Since 2018, at Latorre, luxury furniture manufacturers, we have been involved in this project, working hand in hand with the foundation to raise funds to finance research projects in this field.

With the collection of bags, backpacks and Tote Bags, made by the artisan seamstresses of Gratia Plena, directed by Lucía Bellés since 1999, we raise funds for research against this disease that affects many women. Undoubtedly, a composition of design and luxurious and exuberant materials in expert hands that pamper the detail, so that each bag is a unique and unreputable piece, handmade and 100% customizable with the initials of our customers.

Funds earmarked for various centers

All proceeds from sales go to the ongoing research at the Clinical Hospital in Valencia (INCLIVA) on Breast Cancer in women under 35 years of age, also for the Hospital Provincial in Castellon on the genome of hereditary breast cancer and for BAFC research (Benefits of Physical Activity in Cancer).

At Latorre, we have been working since 1959 with the enthusiasm and ambition to achieve excellence in the world of decoration. The vest brocades, leathers and silk velvets at the service of demanding craftsmen to satisfy customers on all five continents.



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