Three Aspects to Consider When Buying Rattan Outdoor Furniture


Any garden-owner will allow that rattan outdoor furniture is one of the best and most popular additions to such a space available on the market. Boasting a combination of appealing characteristics, such as durability, sturdiness and low maintenance, furniture made out of rattan, particularly the synthetic kind, has captured the heart of millions of home-owners worldwide.

Before rushing out to buy a set of rattan outdoor furniture to add to their garden or patio, however, there are a few factors home-owners need to take into account, at the risk of their garden furniture experience turning out the opposite way than intended. Three of the most important among those factors are listed in the lines below.

Available Room

The amount of room available for a rattan outdoor furniture set is one of the main factors to consider prior to purchasing even one of its pieces. Oftentimes, a garden-owner might think they have more space available than they do, or that the set will be smaller than it actually is. Alternatively, they may get carried away by how attractive the set looks in the pages of a catalogue and neglect to assess whether or not their outdoor area can accommodate it. This inevitably leads to a set being too big for the space it is supposed to fit into, forcing garden-owners to display it incomplete, return it, or have it clutter their garden to the point where movement becomes difficult.

The simplest solution for this issue is to take some simple measurements prior to setting out for the showroom. Approximately gauging the total area of the garden or patio, or even simply of the area the set is to be placed in, will go a long way towards ensuring a home-owner’s desired rattan outdoor furniture set will actually fit into their garden.


Aesthetic considerations are, evidently, another very important factor to bear in mind when planning the purchase of a rattan outdoor furniture set. Not in the sense of making sure the set looks appealing – most every rattan outdoor furniture set does – but in the sense of ensuring it fits in with the overall look and feel of the outdoor area. Having an extravagantly-coloured set in an otherwise earth-toned garden, for instance, can create a disconnect which will make both elements less appealing, and the opposite is also true – a garden heavy on metallic elements might not be the best fit for one of these sets.

As such, home-owners are advised to not let their feelings for any given rattan outdoor furniture set cloud their judgement. Such sets may look wonderful in the catalogue or showroom, but it is always essential to ensure the same effect, or at least an equivalent one, will be achieved in one’s own garden.

Price v Use

Similarly, it is important not to let personal feelings influence one’s decision when assessing whether the rattan outdoor furniture set in one’s sights is worth the asking price. On occasion, it might be the case that home-owners will not make enough use of their rattan set to justify the price they are set to pay for it, and this is a consideration which should also be made prior to purchasing. If the set is going to sit untouched for the best part of a year, somewhere like a summer home or a farm estate, it might not be worth investing in a top-range one; if, on the other hand, everyday use will be made of the outdoor furniture, it might be worth the investment.

These three simple considerations will allow home-owners to assess whether or not the rattan outdoor furniture set they are planning on buying is suitable for their needs, avoiding unnecessary expenditure and posthumous regret.


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