Small Modern Chicken Coop



modern chicken coop


modern chicken coop


chicken coop cleanout

Small Modern Chicken Coop Features

  • Modern styling
  • Narrow profile fits just about anywhere
  • Coop, nesting box and run combo is all you need for chickens
  • Removeable floor and nesting box for cleaning
  • Easy cleaning – just open the door up and rake out and replace with straw
  • DIY Friendly – designed for one sheet of tin


WATCH!  DIY Modern Chicken Coop Build Video

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FAQ About this Chicken Coop

How do I Insulate? – There are many different ways to insulate.  The ceiling can be insulated with foam board, and attach with foam board fasteners to keep in place.  The floor can be insulated with a thick layer of straw.  Walls can be insulated with reflective insulation rolls, cardboard, or foam – but may need 1/4″ plywood overtop to prevent chickens from pecking at.  Doors can be covered in blankets for the winter.  Avoid an airtight seal, allow the coop to breathe.

Can I make double wide?  Yes, you could easily add 36″ to the width to create a double sized coop and use two sheets of tin on the top.  I would love to create a plan if there is enough interest.

Is this heavy?  Yes, it is heavy.  My husband and I were able to move it, but it was not easy.  I would suggest a couple more hands to help move it.  Consider prefabbing up the panels in the garage, then assembling the pieces at the long term home of the chicken coop.

Will it blow away in the wind?  If you live in a high wind area, don’t orientate it broadside to the prevailing wind direction.  It is sturdy and I would be surprised to see it blow over.

What type of wood should I use? Douglas fir for the 2x4s is a good choice, a good balance between cost and longevity.  Douglas fir can last almost as long a cedar.

What finish should I use?  I finished the exterior using a water based semitransparent stain.  I left the inside unfinished.  It may be a good idea to add thick coats of polyurethane to the floor to help clean it.


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