Reasons to buy a sofa bed

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January 4, 2023

A multi-purpose, functional and highly versatile piece of furniture. These are the three adjectives that perfectly define the sofa bed. A model that is both a sofa, to accommodate our guests in our home; and at the same time a symbol of rest, which allows us to accommodate our guests in total comfort.

The sofa bed dates back to the 19th century, when there was an urgent need for more space in middle-class homes. Although in 1899, Leonard C.Bailey patented a folding bed, it was not until the 20th century that what we know today as the sofa bed actually appeared.

At Latorre we believe that this discovery cannot be forgotten. That is why, in this post, we tell you the reasons why you should buy a sofa bed and have one in your home. Find out here!

Sofa beds: what are they and their characteristics?

The sofa bed is a sofa that can be converted into a bed. Generally, it has a metal structure that supports the mattress, which fold up under the seat cushions of the sofa. This give us the possibility to use the sofa during the day and as a classic bed at night.

At first glance we do not usually distinguish a sofa bed from a normal sofa. However, sofa beds are usually smaller in size than ordinary beds. They are 150 centimetres x 200 centimetres in size, for example. A sofa bed, on the other hand, is usually smaller.

Whether for a room such as the living room of our home or simply for a space such as a guest room or our office, when selecting a sofa bed we must take into account the space we have available. Why? It is important because the type of opening it has can influence the measurements of the sofa. In this post by Pau, an ecological furniture manufacturer, you can find out about the types of sofa bed and which one to choose.

6 benefits of sofa beds

Dual-use luxury furniture is necessary for many reasons. From its ability to save space, to the ease with which it allows us to decorate our home.

Here are the advantages of this type of luxury furniture:


Let’s imagine for a moment that we live in a small space, such as a studio, for example. Having a sofa bed in this type of space is the best option. We can simply turn it into a bed, while still being elegant and modern with our sofa.

At the same time, it is perfect for large families, as it allows them to include a sofa bed in a living room and, in this way, not have to sacrifice a space that they want to use for another purpose.

[Discover the mechanisms for luxury sofa beds]

Perfect for our guests

Sofa beds play a good role if we have guests staying at our home for a few days. By simply unfolding it, we can encourage our friends to spend a great night in our home.

Nothing to envy to a bed

Do we remember those sofa beds that were awkward, uncomfortable pieces of furniture on which we broke our backs? Nowadays, sofa bed models have improved dramatically, thanks to a new approach to comfort.

Latorre sofa beds have a robust mechanism, which allows them to be opened easily, without the need to remove the cushions beforehand.
Reasons to buy a sofa bed 1

Comfortable at home

Who has not slept on a sofa at some point? They do not usually have the same measurements or the comfort of our bed. Moreover, some experts point out that “sleeping on the sofa can cause certain health problems”.

For this reason, a sofa bed is the best choice, as it offers comfort when it comes to resting peacefully. What is more, they look just like regular sofas, but are more functional and beneficial to our health.

Durable structure

If you are looking for a long-lasting furniture investment, sofa beds are the best option. They are highly resistant and quality pieces, which means that we can enjoy their comfort and wellbeing for years to come.

Endless styles

The fact of acquiring a sofa bed does not mean that we have to give up our style. Latorre’s luxury sofa beds come in an infinite number of styles, just like a normal luxury sofa. What differentiates them from each other is the storage space and the interior bed they have.

Latorre’s luxury sofa beds

There are a vast majority of models, finishes and sizes to buy sofa beds, all according to our style, space and budget needs.

That is why Latorre tells you what makes the sofa beds we design unique and unequaled.

  1. Royalton Bride sofa bed. Designed by Guillermo Torrent, the Royalton Bride sofa bed measures 232 cm long x 222 cm wide when extended. With a structure made from beech and pine wood, it has double opening insert mechanisms and an ultra-resistant epoxy painted tubular frame.

Reasons to buy a sofa bed 2

  1. Ringo sofa bed. Also designed by Guillermo Torrent, the Ringo sofa bed model allows our guests to have a sleeping surface with a steel base and elastic straps. In addition, being covered with fabrics or leathers from the Latorre collection makes the mattress very comfortable and non-deformable.

Reasons to buy a sofa bed 2
Now that we know all the advantages that buying a sofa bed can bring us, in Latorre, as manufacturers of luxury furniture in Valencia, we give you the possibility of accessing our catalogue of luxury sofa bed mechanisms, where you will find endless possibilities to decorate your home.

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