Plastic Furniture – Various Pros and Cons


Plastic furniture was first designed by Douglas Simpson and James Donahue in the year 1946. It is made of different types of plastic which includes PVC, polymers and polypropylene. Quite popular for its versatile qualities and advantages, it is found in almost every household these days. Most of the people prefer to use these type of furniture compared to wooden and metal furniture as it is ingrained with a number of advantages.

Basic Advantages of Plastic Furniture

People all over the world use plastic furniture in one form or the other. Chairs, tables, TV stands, dining tables, cupboards and so forth are widely used in most of the homes today. Some of the most important advantages of this furniture include the following.

Economical: Compared to other types of furniture such as wood, glass and metals, this furniture is quite economical. Comfortable and lovely furniture can be bought at half the cost of purchasing wooden and metallic furniture. Today it is easy and affordable to buy good quality furniture from online stores listed in the business portals. Some of the most leading furniture brands are listed online in the business portals.

Unbreakable: Furniture made from good grade plastic seldom breaks or cracks due to weight or excessive usage. It seldom reacts to the changes in the environment and so it can be used as patio furniture. Its immense ability to withstand varying climatic conditions is one of the main advantages of this type of furniture. It seldom breaks or cracks when dropped from great heights. The furniture is safe from rust and termites. Therefore it requires less maintenance compared to the other types of furniture.

Light weight: Another attractive feature of plastic furniture is its light weight. It can be carried around easily without much effort. It can also be moved around from one place to another easily.

Environment friendly: Unlike wooden furniture which involves cutting down of trees, plastic furniture seldom requires raw materials from the nature.

Recyclable: It can also be recycled easily without polluting the environment. Recycled furniture is also available in many of the stores at attractive prices.

Versatile: It is also known to be quite versatile. As it is available in various attractive colors and shapes, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor furniture. It can be molded into any desired shape quite easily as it seldom requires carving and chiseling which is done on wood furniture.

Common Disadvantages

Although plastic furniture is embedded with a number of beneficial qualities, it is still known to include certain disadvantages. This furniture lacks the elegance and the opulence exuded by wooden and metallic furniture. Compared to the wooden furniture, it tends to last for a shorter period of time. This is often considered to be one of the main disadvantages of this type of furniture.

Though the manufacture of this furniture seldom includes deforestation, it is equally harmful to the environment as plastic is a non-biodegradable material which remains on the earth forever. It could impose harmful effects on the environment for many years.


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