Outdoor Wicker Furniture: Complement Your Individual Taste


What does the word “wicker” mean? If it is used as a noun, it means cane or rattan. When used as an adjective, wicker means woven, natural fiber, rush, basket weave and bamboo. The material comes from the interior portion of rattan stalks, bamboo, reed, and willow switches that are bent, shaped and made into wicker furniture. In layman’s term, wicker furniture is simply wooden furniture made from natural materials. But for the innovative mind, this type of furniture can be manufactured using synthetic materials, too, such as resin products which are known for their durability to changing weather conditions. This inexpensive type of furniture is the most preferred to be used in tropical countries for the reason that it is light in weight and can be moved around the area without difficulty. Furthermore, one distinctive quality of this type of furniture is that it does not absorb heat. It remains unchanged even if used for a long period of time. In countries with moderate to cool climate, outdoor wicker furniture is also a popular choice. They are used in hotels, restaurants, eateries, schools, and offices as well, for the reason that out of the simplicity of the material come elegance and class especially when designed by experts in the wooden crafts industry.

Wicker furniture is made as single or individual furniture, such as TV carts, bar stools, wall units, daybeds, desks and a wide array of wicker-made accents for a particular area of our home. Sets of furniture consisting of a sofa, with matching chairs and a center table for the lounge or the living room will give a completely new look to a dull and cheerless atmosphere. For the dining room, a set consists of a dining table along with dining chairs are manufactured with specific dimensions that will definitely suit the requirements of prospective buyers and customers. As for the bedroom, the most important part of a home should be lavished with wicker bedroom furniture accentuated by colored fabrics. It would also be a pleasant sight to see a well-furnished front porch, home, office and patio adorned with outdoor wicker furniture.

Although browsing through the internet contributes largely in giving information as a whole, actual visits to display rooms, showrooms, and furniture exhibits are most likely preferred to satisfy the senses of sight and touch. Choices of would-be owners of wicker furniture will be based on design, durability, uniqueness in style, and ability to be utilized in many different ways. There is apparently a great extent of possible wicker-made products that are sold to complement the individual taste.

Countries, such as the Philippines, Indonesia and China, manufacture outdoor wicker furniture due to the abundance of their natural resources wherein the materials used are grown and obtained. This furniture is sold to retailers, distributors and importers at a reasonable price considering that it is made out of natural and some specified synthetic materials. Advertisers, on the other hand, offer discounts to attract more clients to patronize this type of furniture, and thus, gaining an overflow of customer requests.


Source by Daniel Goldstein

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