Minimalist Modern Dresser

pottery barn dresser modern $250

Why I Built My Own Minimalist Modern Dresser

  • Its gorgeous, the depth and beauty of this piece is stunning.  Even my kids remarked on how beautiful it is.
  • To save money – similar style dressers run in the thousands of dollars.  I spent about $250 on this dresser build.
  • Because I didn’t want to wait – by building the dresser myself, I was able to get it in a few days.  I didn’t have to wait for shipping or delivery.
  • I used local materials – the wood in my dresser is milled about 50 miles from my home.  You can’t get more local than that for furniture. This is much more responsible than shipping a dresser around the globe.
  • Building is fun!  I can’t think of a better way to be active and create value for our home and family than by building my own furniture!

Other Plans that Match this Dresser

This dresser is building off the success of a nightstand project I did a few months back that turned out really well, was easy to build, and also only used a nail gun for assembly.  I also did a bed plan too, and hope to do a few more plans in this collection.

  • Minimalist Modern Nightstand Plans
  • Minimalist Modern Bed Plans (all mattress sizes)
  • Minimalist Modern Tall Dresser (coming soon)

Watch! How I Built this Dresser

Here’s a quick video showing the steps to build this dresser.  It was pretty fun and easy to do!

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