Green Furniture Buying Tips to Remember


When buying furniture, few people actually think about the effects their purchase may have on the environment or their home. Living green is supposed to be about recycling, minimizing waste and saving the rainforest, right? Well, many people do not know that going green really stretches into virtually every thing we do. Buying furniture is no exception. Here are some furniture buying tips that help you to maintain that green lifestyle, while still giving you the furniture that you want and love.

One very easy way to go green with your furniture purchase is to look for furniture locally made. When you buy local furniture, you are limiting the amount of gases and energy that are being released into the air by the delivery of the furniture. The best thing about local furniture buying is that it allows for a limited number of imports. Think about the resources that are wasted when we ship furniture from overseas that could easily be produced here. This also has wonderful effects on our economy on a national and local level, making it an even greener decision at it’s core.

Another great way to ensure a green furniture purchase is to buy furniture that is well made. Buying cheap furniture that will fall apart at a moment’s notice can mean only bad things for the landfill. Spend your money wisely and take the time to inquire about the materials used in building your new furniture. Solid wood products are a hallmark of furniture durability when it comes to framework, and materials used are important too.

If you see a certified piece of furniture by the FSC, then you are making a solid green decision as well. The FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council. They make sure that the ecosystem is not being harmed and that the forests used to cull your wood are being properly utilized. Making sure our forests and woodlands are safe and going to be around for the long haul is still a hallmark of green living, so buying FSC certified wood is a good decision as well when it can be found.

The ready to assemble, or RTA furniture market is a solid green choice for furniture buying if you go with the higher end, custom made options. They use solid wood frames rather than particle board that will be ending up in a landfill. What makes the RTA furniture so attractive is that when it is no longer wanted, it is easily taken apart and recycled. Try taking apart a piece of furniture that is not RTA and you will quickly see the benefit of RTA furniture in the green arena.

Make sure that your furniture is not made with toxic materials. You might be surprised to find that some furniture companies use toxins that can literally make your home dangerous. Inquire about all toxins that are used in the furniture making process before making your purchase to ensure that you are living green and safe.

Going green with furniture used to mean that you had to buy used or repurposed furniture. This is no longer the case with RTA furniture that is custom made as a fine example. You can now buy new and still remain green, keeping your world around you as clean and safe as ever.


Source by Rodney Southern

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