Board and Batten Panel for Entryway or Mudroom

A board and batten wall panel in the entryway or mudroom can add tons of storage and beauty, as well as durability.

Here’s how you can make this happen without a home remodel hassle: Build it first in the garage or outdoors, and install it as a completed panel.



Pre-Built Panel in Garage

board and batten panel


Quickly Installed on the Wall in Entryway

board batten mudroom entryway

entryway mudroom ideas

board batten mudroom entryway


Build Video of Me Building This

I did a VERY quick video showing how I built this project, for those of you who like to see a project come together on video.  Please take a moment to watch:


Tutorial for Entryway or Mudroom Board Batten Panel

This project is designed for you to make it your own for your space.  Here’s how I built it, and some tips to consider.



Before starting this project, measure the space.  Measure out any electrical or obstacles.  

  • Avoid placing a 1×3 over an outlet, so on install, all you have to do is cut the 1/4″ plywood out with a jigsaw around the outleet, and not the 1×3.
  • Consider plywood runs in 4×8 sheets – if you go taller than 48″, you’ll need to run the plywood vertical.  You’ll want to splice different plywood sheets behind 1x3s.
  • Smooth walls – if your walls are smooth, you may not need the 1/4″ plywood on the back.  My walls are textured, so I opted for the plywood panel at the back.

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