Benefits of Decorating With Large Tapestries


Many homeowners looking to decorate their walls have been neglecting tapestries. Most just look at paintings, photographs, and other artifacts. That is a shame because tapestries are one of the most unique and elegant wall decoration items that one can possibly find.

For starters, tapestries come in many sizes. Depending on the size of your walls, there will be something that is suitable. But what are the differences between a piece of tapestry and a traditional wall painting? And what are the benefits? Why should a homeowner choose a tapestry over a painting? Let’s explore some benefits.

Wall tapestries are woven from different types of textiles such as cotton, wool or linen. Sometimes, artists may even use gold, silver or silk. When higher quality materials are used, the tapestries appear more luxurious and elegant. This effect cannot be achieved by paintings.

Historically, tapestries were only used by affluent families to decorate their homes. Since affluent families live in huge houses like manors and castles, the tapestries were also unusually large as well.

Large tapestries are ideal center pieces for wall decoration. If there is any gold, silver or silk used in the tapestry, the image will reflect light and the glitter will attract attention. It is not uncommon to see guests walking into a large hall and upon seeing the large tapestry, a soft gasp escaped the lips as the guests look on with awe and wonder. Such is the powerful effect of a large wall tapestry.

Another main difference is that since tapestries are woven, they can include intricate patterns that can only be achieved with embroidery methods. A large tapestry allows the artist to add as many details as possible to the artwork. To accomplish this, a lot of skills and patience is required. However, the end result is always more than satisfying. A lot of time can be spent admiring the fine details that are included in a piece of large tapestry. This gives another reason for the homeowner to consider having a large tapestry as a center display.

Finally, a large painting is cumbersome to move around because of its weight and size. Usually, once a large painting is fixed to the wall, it is very troublesome to take down. In contrast, the large tapestry is portable as it is much lighter and can be rolled up. This is useful for two reasons. One, the tapestry can be taken down easily any time to be stored away. Two, if the homeowner so desires the tapestry to be changed or rotated with other tapestries, this can be achieved easily as well.

Given the many benefits of large tapestries, it is a shame if any homeowner fails to consider them as center wall decoration pieces. Many of them even come at more affordable prices than large wall paintings!


Source by Sean Russell

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