A Guide to the Contemporary Office Furniture Style


You want to ensure that your office is a place with modern appeal and perfect functionality. This can be achieved with contemporary office furniture. Its style differs greatly from the classic one in many aspects. Find out more about the contemporary style so that you can select the best items when you go shopping.


The geometric shapes with clean cut line are among the major design characteristics of the contemporary office furniture style. The office desk tops are perfectly rectangular while their legs are cylindrical. The conference tables also have rectangular rather than oval tops. The chairs have much more rectangular seats and backrests characterized with pointier edges.

There are no ornamentations whatsoever. This is another major trait of this style. There are no decorative motifs on the doors of the cupboards or on the drawers. There are no decorative accents to the desk or to the bookcases.

The lack of ornamentation is due to the fact that the aesthetics of contemporary office furniture have to come from the shapes and forms rather than from special decorative elements. That is why more and more designers are influenced by the shapes found in nature. For instance, an office workstation divider can have the stylized shape of a wave. A reception chair can have the shape of an apple. This kind of creative minimalism makes this style so sophisticated and popular as well.


The materials used for the making of contemporary office furniture are wood, metal, glass and tough plastic. The unique thing about this style is that most pieces are actually made from a combination of two or three of these ruling materials. For instance, you can have a light wood desk with chrome legs.

The combination of wood and glass is widely used in desks and tables. The glass and metal desks and tables are particularly classy and are often the primary choice for executive offices. There are pieces which combine all three of these materials together.

Plastic used to be considered a cheap material, but this new style has redefined this vision. Now the surfaces are harder and much glossier. This material is widely used for the making of office visitor chairs and stools and tables for the break room. There are extravagant desks with plastic top and metal legs as well.

When it comes to upholstery materials, leather is the primary option for the contemporary office furniture style. In recent years, strong mesh is becoming more widely used for the backrests of office chairs due to its breathability.


This style is characterized by basic solid colours. Light wood is preferred over darker woods such as mahogany as it makes the interior of the office brighter and consequently more welcoming. White is one of the trendiest colours. It is widely used for desks, bookcases, filing cabinets and chairs. The all-white offices are particularly trendy. It is thought that the association of white with light, positivism, innocence and purity has a positive effect on both workers and clients.

Gray, black and cream are popular furniture colours as well. Many designers choose to add bright accent colours like orange, green, pink and red with the use of decorative items such as lamps, paper storage boxes and rugs.

Now you can decorate your office in the best possible way with contemporary office furniture.


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