5 Steps To Repair Poly Rattan Wicker Furniture Hole


Everything, even your favorite wicker furniture, can be damaged someday. One of the common damages that any owner would have encountered is furniture hole.

You might think of replacing the furniture at first, but the cost would hurt your pocket. Besides, it’s your favorite after all. So repairing is a possible and reasonable solution for this problem. If it is not too serious, or you want to DIY, note these 5 steps to repair your wicker rattan furniture hole properly.

  1. Identifying the damage

First, you need to take a closer look at your rattan wicker furniture to understand the damage. This step is for you to consider the action for repairing, whether to reweave the rattan or just pull it in place. Also, ensure that the furniture pieces are clean by washing off dirt and removing leaves. By doing so, you can easily find more hidden damages to take care of.

  1. Preparing tools and materials

Depending on the state of the hole, there will be different things needed. Some required tools are plier, wire cutter and special pulling tool for wicker furniture.

If there are broken rattan, you will need some additional materials to fill the hole. You can get the tools from any hardware store and purchase rattan materials from furniture manufacturers or wicker suppliers.

  1. Cutting the broken part

Note: You can skip this step if your rattan is not broken.

If the hole is large and rattan is broken, you might need to cut it off. Use the plier and pulling tool to pull it off and remove the damaged rattan by wire cutter or any special scissors.

  1. Weaving or pulling the rattan in place

Prepare newly purchased rattan to fill in the hole. It’s necessary to check for the weaving style of your wicker rattan furniture. Use the needle to help pull the rattan string in and out. Don’t forget to cut the leftover and push it back inside the surface.

For smaller hole or the rattan is not broken, just bent, you can use the needle to pull and push rattan in place. Carefully rearrange and tighten it until the hole is clearly unseen.

  1. Painting the wicker furniture (if needed)

After covering the hole, you will have to repaint it so that the old and new rattan matched regarding the color. Note that this step is only needed when you have to reweave your furniture pieces.

After all, remember to check the tightness of the rattan. Pull in or cut off any excess part for smoothness. If you are not familiar and experienced with fixing wicker furniture, it may be a bit loose and not as perfect as furniture manufacturers would do, but the result is worth your DIY effort.

Those are all the steps to repair the wicker outdoor furniture hole. Want to have a clearer and more practical look at how to repair the hole? Check out this repair wicker furniture video.

We hope that you can learn from this tip and succeed in repairing your wicker furniture yourself. Be proud of your DIY skill.


Source by Tan Nguyen

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